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I would like to introduce my products on this page a little bit. When thinking about names for my products, I thought "Herbie" reminded me of the Bug shape. So I thought, why not... every woman deserves  "the right guy" to carry her things. =) 


This is why my products all ended up having male first names. I did want to have a little edge to it though, so I decided to use short and more traditional names. 


And with this, I would like to introduce you to your "right guy": 


Meet the guys... 


Karl comes in a very unconventional shape. It almost looks like his favorite could be a piece of pizza. He holds a lot of things. 


Karl measures: 



Herbie is the reason, why I came up with the names. His shape reminds me of a Volkswagen Bug (love the car!!!)




"work in progress"


Otto is the more conventional guy in the group. He has a classic design. Otto comes in three different sizes to fit everyone's needs. 


"work in progress"


Eddie has the perfect size for credit cards, driver's license and some change. Also comes with a key ring inside. 


Kuori is the perfect cell phone bodyguard. Nothing can harm your phone in there. Many customizations available

Key Keeper

Keeps all your keys in one place and fits easily in your hands. 

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